Here are the many ways to get involved with the University of Florida Neuromuscular Physiology Lab
Undergraduate Intern

NPL has positions available for students seeking internship opportunities under any related major, yet with an interest in Neuromuscular Physiology and Motor Behavior. These opportunities are full-time positions available for each school semester. The NPL intern program provides a great opportunity for students to work closely under the mentorship of the lab's post-docs and graduate students, aiding in experiments and studies. Good interpersonal, communication, organizational, teamwork and time management skills are essential.

Contact us to apply.

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Under the University of Florida's University Scholar Program, the NPL permits selected undergraduate students, who will be designated as University Scholars, to work one-on-one with a chosen faculty member on a research/creative project. From such interaction, the student will take away an understanding of and appreciation for the scholarly method, an experience that will be invaluable in many career opportunities, including graduate and professional schools. Contact UF University Scholars Program to apply.


NPL now seeks volunteers for experiments conducted.